Oh yes, I treated a three-headed swamp chimera. The last chimera that came to me said that they were battered by an orange pony on their territory.


Today is Cathy Weseluck’s birthday. She is the voice actress that voiced the vet in the episode “Secret of my Excess”. Say happy birthday to her on twitter.))


Speaking doesn’t make everything easier.


Hello people!

As I’m having your attention now I want to inform you that I set up a patreon account recently for all you generous people who wants to donate me some money. Promise me not to donate too much.))

The last time I checked Fluttershy’s bunny Angel I diagnosed that Angel is just a plain stubborn jackass. He faked several stomach aches to make Fluttershy do what he wants. I offered Fluttershy to castrate him but she refused.

At least Angel didn’t hurt that much as Rarity’s cat Opalescence did.

If the patient isn’t able to go to the doctor, the doctor has to go to the patient.

Pet keepers act sometimes very weirdly and irrationally.

'Nuff said.

Luckily I’m a tea drinker so I don’t have to worry about the coffee machine. But when I notice that the coffee machine is empty I’m so nice to refill it again. I don’t want that my colleagues suffer from caffeine withdrawal.

On another note: There are still a lot of ponies who can’t get over giving living food to animals. For example some snakes accept only living food.

Playing a game of “Operation” against a fellow colleague is always fun and challenging too.