A proper headdress is very important for me. I have a long mane but I don’t want that my little furry patients grab it. Not only does it hurt very much but it poses a great danger for me and my patient when we’re tangled together.

Also: this hairstyle looks very good on me.

Cute-itis seems to be very harmless but it is more dangerous than it appears to be.

I only play with the pets that are fit again and wait for their owners.

Becoming a veterinary doctor isn’t easy but when it is your dream job the difficulties are nothing you can’t master.

Sometimes the biggest patients have the smallest problems, and achieve to make their problems bigger than they really are.

I suggest that you take a little break from playing those video games.


Horn injuries are very common, especially in combination with ladder accidents.

((I pity the fool who isn’t following Iron Will’s advices at http://askironwill.tumblr.com ))

I hope this was the last time I saw Tank injured.

Stallions just can’t handle with how awesome I am.