If you choose to use vegetables to get rid of Vampire Fruit Bats then I’ll give you the advice that you should cook all the vegetables into a stew. This way you get a paste that you can simply put on your trees and bushes.

The most common procedures are just simple health checks and cutting dog’s claws when they get too long.

Fruit Bat Fact: Regular Fruit Bats have a very diverse fruit diet and they are very easily bored eating the same fruits all the time so they are constantly traveling searching for new feeding grounds. The agricultural industry can call themselves very lucky because regular Fruit Bats don’t stay long enough to cause a lot of damage.

Hearth’s Warming Eve is always a very stressful time when you’re on duty. You need to do the work for all the employees that are on vacation.

((Mod: I wish you all happy and relaxing holidays!))

There is a very uncommon disease in Equestria that only affects reindeer called “illuminitis”. It is a disease that only appears in the Winter time and makes the nose glow. As far as scientists know illuminitis isn’t dangerous and not contagious, only very annoying. A tea of a few common herbs can treat this disease very easily and quickly.

Seriously, they are just called like that.

A proper headdress is very important for me. I have a long mane but I don’t want that my little furry patients grab it. Not only does it hurt very much but it poses a great danger for me and my patient when we’re tangled together.

Also: this hairstyle looks very good on me.

Cute-itis seems to be very harmless but it is more dangerous than it appears to be.

I only play with the pets that are fit again and wait for their owners.

Becoming a veterinary doctor isn’t easy but when it is your dream job the difficulties are nothing you can’t master.